Thursday, February 05, 2009

Big Bang's Seung Ri Cast in Film with Kim Beom

Seung Ri
(19), a member of the top idol group Big Bang, has been cast in the film "71."
"71" is based on a real life story of 71 student soldiers who fought hundreds of North Korean commandos outside a Pohang girls' middle school on Aug. 10, 1950 during the Korean War. Yu Seung-ho and Kim Beom have also been cast.

Seung Ri
, a native of Gwangju city, will speak in a Jeolla dialect in the movie and play student soldier "Yeon Chi-wuk," who harbors strong hostility toward North Korean forces. Yeon will also have conflicts with the 71-strong unit chief "Park Han-seob" (played by Kim Beom) and the more compassionate of the characters, Yu Jin (Yu Seung-ho).

YG Entertainment says it is Seung Ri's second film role following his first film "Why did you come to my house?" starring actress Gang Hye-jeong. It said the boy band member was cast through an open audition and the role in "71" will be a helpful acting experience for him.

YG also cited several role calls for
Seung Ri from TV, film and musicals ever since his acting skills were recognized in the musical "Shower" early last year.

source: KBS Global

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Anonymous said...

when will this movie air?
will it be coming out this year?

.:||grace||:. said...

Lol yeah actually, same question. I've been trying to search that. but the best i've seen is "later this year or next year." SOOOOO i was wondering if there's an exact date yet :X