Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jang Hyuk And Sung Yuri as Lovers

It was revealed that Jang Hyuk has been confirmed for the movie Rabbit and Lizard opposite fellow SidusHQ colleague, Sung Yuri (her debut movie) and become a couple. The movie Rabbit and Lizard is about a girl who had left the country when she was little after being adopted by an overseas family and is now back in her home country, in search of her identity. Sung Yuri plays the adopted girl who returns to her home country after 23 years living overseas. She is aided in her search by a cab driver played by Jang Hyuk.

According to the production company, Jang Hyuk's character has a rare heart disease which leaves him being cold/disinterested to anything around him. But in the journey with Sung Yuri's character, he gradually discovers that there's actually hope in life. The movie will be directed by Joo Ji Hong with filming expected to begin anytime soon.

Credit to AllKPOP

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