Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jang Hyuk And Sung Yuri as Lovers

It was revealed that Jang Hyuk has been confirmed for the movie Rabbit and Lizard opposite fellow SidusHQ colleague, Sung Yuri (her debut movie) and become a couple. The movie Rabbit and Lizard is about a girl who had left the country when she was little after being adopted by an overseas family and is now back in her home country, in search of her identity. Sung Yuri plays the adopted girl who returns to her home country after 23 years living overseas. She is aided in her search by a cab driver played by Jang Hyuk.

According to the production company, Jang Hyuk's character has a rare heart disease which leaves him being cold/disinterested to anything around him. But in the journey with Sung Yuri's character, he gradually discovers that there's actually hope in life. The movie will be directed by Joo Ji Hong with filming expected to begin anytime soon.

Credit to AllKPOP

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Classic [ Korean Movie 2003 ]

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Starring : Jo In sung, Son Ye Jin, Jo Seung woo
Release date : January 29, 2003
Runtime :127 min.

Directed by : Kwak Jae yong


Ji-hae and Soo-kyoung are friends attending the same university and both have a crush on Sang-min who is in their drama club. The more clamorous and outgoing of the two, Soo-kyoung, asks Ji-hae to do her a favor - write a love letter to Sang-min. Ji-hae pours out her own feelings for him on paper, but sadly in her friend's name. Touched by the letter, Sang-min is attracted to Soo-kyoung, and Ji-hae, feeling uncomfortable and even guilty, tries to avoid him. And yet by coincidence or by fate she keeps running into him.

Ji-hae has lived alone with her mom since her childhood, when her dad unexpectedly passed away. Her mom is now on a trip abroad, and to wile away her solitude she starts cleaning the attic. There Ji-hae finds a secret box, in which her mom kept the memorabilia of her first love story of some decades past.

Summer in 1968...
Joon-ha is visiting his uncle's home in the countryside during his summer vacation. There he meets Joo-hee and falls in love at first sight. One day, the lovely Joo-hee secretly asks Joon-ha to escort her to a haunted house in the village. Happy and excited to be at her service, Joon-ha meets her at their promised spot. But in an unexpected storm, the two lose their boat and barely manage to return home at a very late hour. Joo-hee gets into big trouble for this incident and is sent back to Seoul. Having parted with Joo-hee without a word of farewell, Joon-ha spends the rest of the summer heavy-hearted.

With summer vacation being over Joon-ha also returns to Seoul. At school, his classmate Tae-su asks him to write a love letter to send to a girl. And who would it be but Joo-hee, Joon-ha's dream girl. Unable to confess his own summer love story, Joon-ha reluctantly complies with his friend's request.


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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Film “Kitchen” to be Released in Japan

Korean romantic comedy
Kitchen” will be released in Japan in June. The film about a love triangle among two men and a woman is due for Korean release in May.

Kitchen” took part in the American Film Market last November and was sold to Show Gate, a Japanese distributor. At the time “Kitchen” was introduced to the largest film market in North America, the film had not even been edited completely. The American Film Market has been a crucial channel for introducing Korean films to overseas markets. Such acclaimed Korean films as Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War,” “D-War,” and “Portrait of a Beauty” had been distributed to the world through the American Film Market.

It’s unusual for a Korean film to make a foreign release so soon after the domestic release. However, Show Gate saw the potential of “Kitchen” and has been preparing for the theater release since late last year. “Kitchen” starring Shin Min-ah, Joo Ji-hoon, and Kim Tae-woo will open on February 5th in Korea.

source:KBS World

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Big Bang's Seung Ri Cast in Film with Kim Beom

Seung Ri
(19), a member of the top idol group Big Bang, has been cast in the film "71."
"71" is based on a real life story of 71 student soldiers who fought hundreds of North Korean commandos outside a Pohang girls' middle school on Aug. 10, 1950 during the Korean War. Yu Seung-ho and Kim Beom have also been cast.

Seung Ri
, a native of Gwangju city, will speak in a Jeolla dialect in the movie and play student soldier "Yeon Chi-wuk," who harbors strong hostility toward North Korean forces. Yeon will also have conflicts with the 71-strong unit chief "Park Han-seob" (played by Kim Beom) and the more compassionate of the characters, Yu Jin (Yu Seung-ho).

YG Entertainment says it is Seung Ri's second film role following his first film "Why did you come to my house?" starring actress Gang Hye-jeong. It said the boy band member was cast through an open audition and the role in "71" will be a helpful acting experience for him.

YG also cited several role calls for
Seung Ri from TV, film and musicals ever since his acting skills were recognized in the musical "Shower" early last year.

source: KBS Global

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Remake of Korean Movie at No. 2 in U.S.

"The Uninvited," a Hollywood remake of the Korean film "A Tale of Two Sisters" attracted the second largest audience in North America on the day of its release.

The film, which was released last Friday in 2,344 cinemas across the U.S., raked in US$4.3 million on the day, coming in second after "Taken," which took $9.5 million.

"A Tale of Two Sisters" was written and directed by Kim Jee-woon. In the remake directed by the Guard brothers, Charles and Thomas, Elizabeth Banks ("Spider 3") plays Rachel in the Lim Soo-jung role in the original. Arielle Kebbel ("American Pie Presents Band Camp") plays Alex, the Moon Geun-young part.

"The Uninvited" is released by Paramount Pictures.

credit: englishnews@chosun.com

source: Chosun

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Popularity of Song Ji-hyo's 'A Frozen Flower' Yet to Thaw

The popularity of film "A Frozen Flower" remains unshaken despite the release of a series of Hollywood movies.

Actress Song Ji-hyo, who played the queen, is riding a wave of popularity. "I put all of myself into this film for nine months. I shot almost all the scenes 40 times," said Song, hinting that it was a rough journey for her to finally meet audience's expectations.

On her much anticipated bed scene with actor Zo In-sung, Song said, "When I decided to do this film, nudity was not the central issue. How much I expose is not important to me; I thought without that scene, it would be difficult to portray subtle changes in emotion. What mattered to me at the time was working on my facial expressions apart from the posture that the director wanted me to convey."

The queen that Song played in the movie reluctantly sleeps with the king's guard Zo at the order of the king, but the two end up falling in doomed love.

Song was praised for her acting, naturally conveying complicated emotions. Song said the movie changed her thoughts on love. "Now I want to fall in love madly, very passionately, as if I would give up everything before I die," said Song.

"A Frozen Flower" has attracted 3.03 million spectators as of Jan. 17.

credit: englishnews@chosun.com

source: Chosun

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