Thursday, January 25, 2007

'200 Pound Beauty' Enters Top 10 Hit List

The Korean romantic comedy "200 Pound Beauty" starring actress Kim Ah-
jung entered the country's accumulated top ten box office hit list on its 42nd day of release.

Production agency KM Culture says 5.83 million moviegoers watched the movie since it opened on December 14th, moving it past the 2000 hit "Joint Security Area," which previously held the tenth ranking.

Showing on 250 screens nationwide with daily average ticket sales of 50,000, the film is expected to surpass the 6.12 million viewership of the ninth-ranked "My Boss, My Hero" by Saturday.

With a break-even point of 2.3 million, 200 Pounds Beauty has already earned profits of 15 billion won. Excluding investors' stake, the production company will get five billion of the 15 billion. The original soundtrack released online also raked in some two billion won for close to a handsome four billion total earnings for KM Culture.
source: kbs grobal

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