Monday, January 15, 2007

Our Happy Time ( Maundy Thursday )

A young man is sentenced to death for his role in the murder of three people. Meanwhile, encouraged by a nun, a former pop star starts to visit him in jail, and gradually becomes close to him.

Cast : Kang Dong Won (1 % of Anything, Too Beautiful to Lie, Temptation of the Wolves, Magic, Duelist)
Lee Na Young (Ruler of Your Own World, Who Are You, Please Teach Me English, Ireland, Someone Special).
Director : Song Hae Sung (Rikidozan, Failan).

Yu-jeong, a suicidal young woman, is introduced to a man on death row named Yun-soo by her aunt, Sister Monica. Raised by an abusive father, Yun-soo has led a hard life. It got even harder when he was left in an orphanage with his younger brother after his father"s suicide and his mother"s abandonment. Growing up in the gutter, he became involved in a violent crime, for which he was convicted of three counts of murder. Yu-jeong, on the other hand, comes from a rich family. However, her childhood was marred by traumatic neglect, which has led to her self-destructive impulses. These two wounded souls slowly open their hearts and find the motivation to live on in each other"s compassion. Yu-jeong realizes how spoiled her life has been compared to Yun-soo"s, and embraces his guilt that would otherwise never be forgiven

credit: Koreanfilm

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Glece said...

I really like this movie.I had watched this last night and it did make me cry so har. The last part was so touching.