Saturday, January 06, 2007

Im Soo Jung's new movie "HAPPINESS"

From the director of Christmas in August 1998 ,One Fine Spring Day 2001, April Snow 2005 (Hur Jin Ho)

Starring Im Su-jung ,Hwang Jung-min Release Date 2007

Synopsis :Young-soo has enjoyed his life in Seoul before he finds himself suffering from cirrhosis. Losing any desire to live, he decides to leave the city and go to a sanatorium in the countryside. He meets a girl, Eun-hee who is also suffering from a critical disease. They start to live together. But one day, his old girlfriend appears in front of him, asking him to return to the life they once had before. He leaves Eun-hee to live with his old girlfriend. As time passes, he misses Eun-hee, and goes down to the house they used to live together. But he finds the empty house and Eun-hee who is waiting for her last moment in the sanatorium.


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