Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Old Garden” to Be Released in France

korean Director Lim Sang-soo’s new film “The Old Garden” will be released in France on April 11 of next year. Cineclick Asia, which is in charge of the overseas distribution of the film, said Wednesday that the film was sold to the French film distributor Pretty Pictures even before its official release. The French film company had introduced Kim Ki-duk’s “3-Iron” to the country this year.

The movie’s release in France is attributable to great local interest in Lim and writer Hwang Seok-young, on whose same-titled novel the film is based. The Korean director has achieved such recognition that he will personally direct the French version of his previous film “A Good Lawyer’s Wife,” while the Korean writer, who is now staying in France, has seen six of his works including “The Old Garden” translated into French, all receiving a good response.

First shown at the San Sebastian International Film Festival held in Spain in September, the movie has been invited to the World Cinema Section of the Palm Springs International Film Festival. It will be released in Korea on Jan 4.
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Hyun-woo steps out of prison after a 17-year sentence for his anti-government activities. During his long imprisonment, everything has changed even his fellow anti-government protesters have become mundane. His mother then tells him of the death of Yoon-hee, who harbored and loved him right before he was caught 17 years ago. To cherish memories with her, Hyun-woo goes back to the place where the two had spent a few months together like a couple of honeymooners. Reading through Yoon-hee’s diaries and letters, Hyun-woo discovers that she was the only one who remained loyal to him to the end. Because of her faith and love, the despair and loneliness that Hyun-woo felt after his imprisonment is slowly healed. He also discovers that Yoon-hee left him another gift behind – their daughter.

International Film Festivals
2006 Donostia San Sebastian Int'l Film Festival, Official Selection


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